The Norr√łna zippers are not rugged enough

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The Norr√łna zipper has too poor quality. It should not be necessary to send the garments in for repair time after time.

The Norr√łna zippers are not rugged enough It should not be necessary to replace the same zipper again and again.

More than fifteen years with Norr√łna zippers

I have used eight Norr√łna garments for ordinary Scandinavian outdoor activities for fifteen years, perhaps even longer. Including many hunting trips, skiing, paddle tours, and hiking trips lasting over a week but not as long as a month. In addition to Norr√łna, equipment from Bergans and other well-known hiking clothing manufacturers is used daily and for more extensive outdoor activities in Scandinavia.

Six, seven, or eight years ago, my kind wife gave me a class four Norr√łna fleece jacket for my birthday. The jacket is thick and warm. The fleece jacket even withstands some wind and some drizzle. The jacket is a fantastic garment. After many years of use, the jacket is still in good condition. In any case, the fabric in the fleece jacket. The Norr√łna zipper is another chapter.

The big anniversary of the Norr√łna zipper

On November 26, 2020, the jacket had an anniversary. It is probably the tenth or fifteenth time that the jacket is sent in for replacement of the Norr√łna zipper on pockets and or front. Now, probably the three zippers on the pockets and the front zipper are replaced two, three, or more times. November 26, 2020, is probably about the tenth or fifteenth time the garment is sent in to get the zipper changed. When the garment returns, it only briefly passes, and the zipper is broken again. What‚Äôs wrong with the zippers that Norr√łna uses for the fleece jacket when changing the zipper? It can not be correct that there are errors on such an large number of zippers.

Up to two or three times a year, the jacket is delivered to replace the Norr√łna zipper at the Norr√łna store in Bergen. The cost of all the zipper replacements has long since passed the sum for which the jacket was originally purchased. The jacket is sent to Norr√łna partly because the rest of the jacket is in good condition and partly to find out what Norr√łna is up to when it comes to zippers.

Besides, there are seven other garments from Norr√łna in the wardrobe. A Norr√łna climbing suit and two sets of Norr√łna Falketind rain suits and a Norr√łna fleece jacket of model 5250-12 Warm 3 jacket 2275 Polar Night. These seven garments are ten years and older and work as expected for hiking and hunting in the ordinary Scandinavian environment.

What‚Äôs the thing with the Norr√łna zippers?

After a large number of zipper repairs, it is easy to be sad and puzzled.
The jacket is most often worn with the other seven garments. So what‚Äôs the reason why this Class 4 fleece jacket keeps getting broken zippers, while the other Norr√łna zippers don‚Äôt break

Why is the Norr√łna zipper on this fleece jacket not so durable than the other zippers? Why are norr√łna‚Äôs zippers less durable than, for example, the zippers of Bergans and other well-known manufacturers of clothing for outdoor activities and hunting?

First and foremost, the question is: Why can‚Äôt Norr√łna replace a new zipper that is as durable as the zippers on the seven other Norr√łna outerwear and for the part the garments from Bergans and other well-known brands?

Do you have knowledge and or experience on the subject of zippers?

If you have similar experiences or knowledge about zippers and or knowledge of the cause of the problems with Norr√łna products, it is great if you would be so kind as to get in touch. Goes with thoughts of a sequel to the book ‚ÄúFriuftsliv √•ret rundt‚ÄĚ. In the new book, clothing is one of the themes. If you are on the mountain in the winter in the wind and a zipper breaks, it can help you get into a risky situation. Hypothermia is dangerous stuff, and zippers are important stuff.

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More about Norr√łna‚Äôs zippers

After the Norr√łna fleece jacket has returned from repair, it is not long before it has to be repaired again.

Service note from 2015 with complaints about the bad front and pockets that are broken.

There have been many such service confirmations from Norr√łna over the years. The quality is not up to level.

Norr√łna has great and exclusive shops. Now the quality of the products needs a similar quality boost.

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